Call it Forth

©2002 Gail Pursell Elliott


Advent means “the coming.”

Advent means the state of coming into being

When something is coming we watch for it

We anticipate it

We call it forth

We bring it into manifestation


When a storm is coming we watch the clouds and the sky

Based on our experience

We look to the horizon

We feel the difference in the air

We smell the rain before it hits

We get ready to take cover

We watch and wait


For we have no idea

Despite the signs

The time of its arrival

The intensity of the experience

Or how it will affect us


For although we see it coming

It may blow around us

And never connect with us at all


Anticipation is to taste before eating

It requires that we let go of the past

and use the present

to prepare for the future.


When we anticipate we create our destiny.

What we focus on becomes our reality.


If we focus on the past it will repeat itself

In our minds and emotions

We bring it into the present

And cast its line into the future

Baited with whatever will attract

What we have in mind.


Whatever we focus on becomes all encompassing.

We surround ourselves with whatever

Will reinforce it.

We pick through options and make decisions

Based purely on that perspective.


Freedom is the ability to choose and trust

what we anticipate with our focus.

Anticipate a great day … It’s Yours!



©2000-2015 Gail Pursell Elliott All Rights Reserved.   Food For Thought is part of the Dignity and Respect mission of Innovations and is the intellectual property of Gail Pursell Elliott.

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