Your Apple ©2004 Gail Pursell Elliott

Apples take prominence in a number of writings, such as Adam and Eve and the apple from the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden.  The apple of Discord from Greek mythology described an apple as being a cause of controversy: when Discord placed an apple on the table for the most beautiful goddess and three fought to claim it.

Most of us are familiar with the expression “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  The origin of this phrase is attributed to an old Welsh proverb that was later adapted in the United States.

The expression “apple polisher” refers to someone who tries to win favor by flattery, gifts, and other expressions of appreciation, sometimes thought to be insincere.

There is also the phrase “the apple of my eye” that refers to something or someone that is the focus of positive feelings or motivation.

All of these apple metaphors use the apple as something that causes a reaction or response from within that results in external consequences.

What is your apple?

Is it something that someone else has told you is of value, that you have accepted, and decided to fight for to gain recognition from others?

Is it something for which you are willing to sacrifice a promise or your own integrity?

Is it part of a ritual that you use to keep yourself healthy and balanced?

Is it the focus of your intent or purpose in your day to day activities?

Whatever you polish up and focus your attention on is what your apple is to you. It can be something outside of you or it can be your inner identity.

We polish the apple of our inner eye much in the same way that we polish a piece of fruit.

When we pick out an apple to polish, we usually discard ones that are damaged, since they can cause the others to begin to rot prematurely.

When we polish an apple we clean off environmental contaminants that dull the surface.

We allow the true beauty of the apple to shine forth with all of the complexities of color that it contains.

A well polished apple looks inviting and full of promise.

We are careful with our polished apple so it does not get bumped or bruised.

Some of us may polish up a bruised apple or an old one and show it off for a variety of reasons.

Others may believe that a bruised apple is the best that they have to offer.  Not true.

Apples grow on trees.  And within each of us is a tree that is continually producing the fresh fruits of insight and awareness.

The ones that we no longer need, or have overly ripened have fallen to the ground around our inner tree.  These old fruits are easy to pick up and try to polish, but with a bit more effort we can clear them away and reach for the fresh perspective of today.

Choosing the apple of our eye, what we will focus on and polish to a luster, is an exercise of our personal power.   When that apple is one of insight, awareness, personal dignity and respect, we are able to respond to the events and circumstances that each day holds from our true nature.

Taking this type of “apple a day” reduces stress, keeps us on balance, and enables us to see clearly.

Have a great day and be good to yourself.  You deserve it!


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  1. bommeister says:

    Nice, thanks for sharing. xoxox

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